The Music Village Band Instrument Store

The Music Village was founded in 2003 to provide “The Best Instruments at The Best Prices,” along with excellent teaching. Music is truly a gift that brings joy and happiness into others’ lives, and the ability to play an instrument and create music is a priceless thing. Music lessons for beginners and advanced students of all ages are offered by our instructor who has many years of experience in teaching music. No matter your level, there is always more to learn and always a new piece to play.

Here you can buy band and orchestral instruments for beginner, intermediate and semi-professional musicians at affordable prices. For beginners, learning on a quality instrument can make all the difference in developing a beautiful sound and solid technique. We also have a wide selection of marching band musical instruments for sale.

We’ve made our selection available to you through our musical instrument shop online. No matter where you are, you should have access to the gift of music. Take a look through our instruments today and find the perfect instrument for you at the best price anywhere. Enjoy!