Flute Donations to South America

Suzuki Flute programs in Argentina, Brazil, Ecuador and Peru are in need of all types of flutes, especially curved headjoint flutes so young students may play comfortably and with good hand position.

A portion of the sale of each musical instrument purchased online from The Music Village will be used to provide new flutes at no cost to these programs.

To donate a used flute, please contact Kelly Williamson for details.

A note from Kelly Williamson, Suzuki Teacher & Trainer

All of the Suzuki flute teachers in South America work with children from families of low economic means, and many also work with programs which serve underprivileged kids. A large number of students play on extremely poor-quality flutes, some being shared among as many as five children. They each use it for their lesson, but must sign it out for practicing outside of lesson time.

A lot of the younger flutists use straight headjoints when they really need curved ones for proper playing position. The teachers in Latin America typically earn very low hourly wages, and are unable to provide instruments or curved headjoints for their students to borrow. Each flute that has been donated over the past ten years has been passed down to many grateful students!

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Top right photo by Maria Emilia Capponi
All photos courtesy of Suzuki Association of the Americas.